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Accu-Tab® Overview

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Commercial swimming pools and spas are where the tough water conditions reside, from organic and inorganic materials introduced into the water by swimmers to additional challenges from the elements. In fact, adult bathers will typically shed a layer of dead skin cells, a pint or more of perspiration, a small amount of urine, and a few grams of oils and cosmetics.

Rugged Accu-Tab chlorination systems by PPG Industries stand up to challenging commercial environments and rigorous industry and government requirements. NSF-listed, our patented tablet-based systems are designed to consistently and accurately deliver the chlorine you need to kill bacteria, control algae, and destroy organic contaminants for water that's clean, sparkling, and sanitary day after day, all season long. Water balance is easy, maintenance is reduced to once a year in most cases, and the handling, storage, and safety issues of gas and bleach are eliminated.

From massive waterparks to wading pools, we have an Accu-Tab chlorination system that meets your specifications. All of our models also offer limited warranties and are controller-friendly for easy retrofitting.

Make the Accu-Tab system your clear chlorination choice.

Accu-Tab is a registered trademark of PPG Industries.