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Accu-Tab® Tablets

Chlorination Systems | Accu-Tab® Overview | Accu-Tab® Comparison Chart

Accu-Tab Blue and Blue SI Tablets

Accu-Tab Blue tablets are the standard formulation. Accu-Tab Blue SI (scale inhibitor) tablets are specifically formulated to help prevent scale formation inside the chlorination chamber, especially in hard-water areas.

The three-inch Accu-Tab calcium hypochlorite tablets are engineered to perform reliably and consistently. The tablets are pressed, not formed, ensuring their physical integrity and eliminating brittleness and extensive breakage. Each tablet also contains a patented erosion modifier so it erodes at a consistent pace. And because the tablets do not contain cyanuric acid, they are excellent for use with indoor pools.

No other tablet offers all of the benefits of an Accu-Tab tablet.

Accu-Tab Tablets

  • 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick
  • Pressed using a proprietary process that minimizes breakage
  • Distinguishing blue color
  • Patented erosion modifier
  • NSF-listed along with chlorinator
  • With or without scale inhibitor
  • No citric acid needed for cleaning
  • Use maintains limited warranty of Accu-Tab system
  • More than 14 years of PPG technology behind every tablet

Accu-Tab is a registered trademark of PPG Industries.