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Deck Equipment

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Assisted Access

Water Powered Lifts

Gallatin Water Powered Assisted Access Lift

The Gallatin assisted access lift is designed to accommodate both in-ground pools and spas without customization. The Gallatin requires no more than 12" of total depth (deck to floor/bench) for proper installation. The standard unit will accommodate anchor locations of 18" to 30" from the pool wall.

Lolo Water Powered Pool and Spa Lift

The Lolo pool and spa lift is designed to accommodate in-ground pools without customization. The Lolo accommodates in-ground pools having a minimum deck to pool bottom dimension of 42" (typically 36" water depth). Standard units will accommodate various anchor locations from the pool wall. The Lolo has a 400 pound lifting capacity.

Bannack Pool Lift

The Bannack WP500 is the solution for assisted access to above ground pools in an institutional setting. Manual rotation requires attendant assistance but powered rotation is available as an option. Optional stretcher, stretcher wheel carriage and wheelchair attachments available.

Glacier Vertical Platform Lift

The Glacier is the only vertical travel platform lift for use on pools and spas. The Glacier will accommodate a wheelchair for the individual that needs assisted stabilized support for entry into pools and/or spas. Safety gates are provided with all units. Non-corrosive wheelchairs are sold separately.

Greycliff Water Powered Lift

The Greycliff WP500 is Spectrum's institutional grade Swim-Lift® for in-ground pools. Optional stretcher, stretcher wheel carriage and wheelchair attachments available.

Selway Water Powered Pool and Spa Lift

The Selway is Spectrum's answer for fully self-operable assisted access to above ground pools and spas. The Selway does not require any connections to your pool/spa wall and includes a leg rest for safe and secure entry. Custom designed for the application and will clear walls up to 42" in height.

Yellowstone Water Powered Pool and Spa Lift

The Yellowstone WP300 pool and spa lift is custom designed for your application. Designed for use with above-ground swimming pools and/or spas having a wall thickness of no more than 8" and a maximum height of 42".

Electric Powered Lifts

Elkhorn Manual Powered Pool Lift

Designed for installation in the decks of in-ground and above-ground pools/spas. A single lever hydraulic ram raises and lowers the occupant into and out of the water. Ease of rotation is due to the Elkhorn's unique 2 3/8" sleeved stainless steel anchor system; the unit is virtually frictionless.

Aspen Battery Powered Lift

The Aspen BP300 is designed for installation in the decks of in-ground and above-ground pools/spas. The Aspen is an ADA/ABA compliant battery powered lift that has a safe and easy operating system. It is rotationally and vertically powered allowing patrons to move left and right, and up and down. Accommodates a setback of 6" to 24".

Traveler II XRC500 Aquatic Access Lift

Stainless steel extended reach radio frequency controlled aquatic access lift. The only 500 pound capacity remote controlled battery powered lift on the market. The Traveler II XRC500 is designed for use on existing or new in-ground and above ground swimming pools and spas. Anchor assembly sold separately. The Traveler II XRC500 facilitates installations with setback dimensions of 6" to 33" providing versatile anchor placement.


Water Box

Used in new construction with water powered Swim-Lift assisted access lifts.

Pressure Booster System

The Spectra-Force system may be used to generate water pressure for the operation of any of the water powered Swim-Lifts series assisted access lifts (55 psi is recommended operating pressure). Unit may be floor or wall mounted. The Spectra-Force system consists of a 1/2 HP stainless steel centrifugal pump, hydro-pneumatic pressure-sustaining tank, adjustable pressure switch, liquid filled pressure gauge, bronze check valve, fittings and all necessary tubing connectors.

Preset Anchor

Preset anchor used with the Swim-Lift Gallatin and Lolo assisted access lifts. Used in new construction applications.

Retro-Fit Anchor

Retro-Fit Anchor for use with Swim-Lift Gallatin and Lolo assisted access lifts. Used in existing installation applications.

Elkhorn/Aspen Anchor

Elkhorn/Aspen anchor with lid and key.

Transport Cart - Traveler

The improved stainless steel cart allows the user to lift the Traveler XRC400 out of the deck and move to storage or a different location with ease. The transport cart allows the Traveler XRC400 to be stored on the cart indefinitely. All metallic components of the transport cart are electropolished and passivated. There is no paint to chip, no dissimilar metals to corrode.